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Dale Hollow Lake is a fisherman’s paradise. Dale Hollow Lake is known for its ability to produce trophy smallmouth bass. It is the lake that is linked with the name Billy Westmorland, famed smallmouth angler of Celina, Tennessee. Smallmouth bass in the 14-to 18-inch range are very common, with good numbers of fish in the 4-to 6-pound size available. Trophy fish of even larger sizes are possible, even probable.

Largemouth bass are common throughout the lake and remain popular with many anglers especially after the additional of alewife to the lake. Trophy fish in the 6-to 9-pound range are available, but most fish average 14-to 18-inches.

Walleye populations are augmented with stocking. Walleye in the 2-to 6-pound class are present in good numbers and a trophy over 10 pounds is a good possibility.

During the late 1950's, muskie were stocked to provide a trophy fishery. The stocking program was discontinued when natural reproduction was observed. Fish from 15 to 25 pounds are present and trophies up to 43 pounds have been taken.

The year-round cool water temperatures and adequate oxygen levels throughout the water column provide an excellent environment for lake and rainbow trout. A stocking program has established a two-story fishery. There are good numbers of rainbow trout in the 4-to 5-pound range and lakers from 8-to 12-pounds.

Because of limited shallow weed growth and submerged cover, crappie can be difficult to locate. White crappie are found primarily in the Wolf River Arm, while black crappie can be throughout the lake. Most crappie are in the 7-to 9-inch range. In recent years, black crappie and the black nose strain have dominated the crappie fishery