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Dale Hollow Lake is a fisherman’s paradise. Dale Hollow has accounted for 6 out of the top 10 biggest smallmouth bass on record. It is the lake that is linked with the name Billy Westmorland, famed smallmouth angler of Celina, Tennessee. Although the lake is known for massive Smallies other giants lurk the waters. Large mouth bass, Crappie, Shell Crackers, Walleye, Rainbow Trout, and Muskie all can be caught in trophy size.

Report Updated 05/19/2014

Water temp is right at 70 after falling 5 degrees over a cold snap and lake still has some dark color.

Smallmouth Bass-Fishing has improved greatly the last week. We have been putting good numbers in the boat daily with most of our luck coming on swimbaits in 16 to 20 foot fishing points. We did have a few good fish caught on both green/red spec tubes and grubs in the same color. Dead sticking the grubs seemed to get the fish to bite better in deep water. We had a few 4lbers this week.

Largemouth Bass-We had several big largemouth this week including a 5lb fish. We caught good largemouth and spots fishing tubes in brush and on a few shell rock banks.

Walleye- The walleye fishing should start to get better during the day doing some trolling as well as bottom bouncing.

Shell Cracker-While the smallmouth fishing is heating up we have slowed basically to a stop. We will be using several different techniques later in the year for the shell crackers please stay tuned.

Crappie- Fishing has been slow with some luck catching them in the creeks around down willows mostly on live bait but fishing has also been decent on floating small jigs tipped with wax worms or minnows and a cork at about 4ft to 6ft.

Rainbow Trout- The year-round cool water temperatures and adequate oxygen levels throughout the water column provide an excellent environment for lake and rainbow trout. A stocking program has established a two-story fishery. There are good numbers of rainbow trout in the 4-to 5-pound range and lunkers from 8-to 12-pounds.

Muskie- This is a fish we do not target just due to the fact you can fish an entire week without a bite. They are not impossible to catch but any stretch but the best chance to hook up would be deep trolling the lake. As we get more info from the local fisherman we will share the info

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